Audit Representation

Is tax examinations keeping you up at night?

 Not to worry.  Our founder holds both an Master of Business Administration - Accounting and an Master of Science in Taxation as well as an Executive Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting - Taxation Emphasis.  He is well prepared for any issues you may encounter.  He had successfully defended clients with tax assessments of several million dollars.

 We can represent you in the following situations:

 · Criminal investigation.

· Tax audits from the IRS, DOR, FTB, BOE, EDD, and tax authorities in other states.

· Obtain Private Letter Ruling from the IRS.

· Notice of Deficiency from the IRS (commonly referred to as 90-days to challenge the IRS in the U.S. Tax Court).

· Appeal unfavorable outcomes with the IRS and other taxing authorities.



You don't have to be here. We will handle them while you continue your normal daily routine.